chiipotle's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by thenyklyfe, Jun 22, 2020.

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    Jun 22, 2020
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    Your In-game name: chiipotle

    Who (Staff Member): TheThompson

    Action (Ban, Mute, etc): 30d Ban

    Where (Forums, Server, Discord): Server

    What did you do: I'm actually not sure what happened. When I logged on, I was hitting cane for like an hour or so with my harvester hoe. Then I logged off last night. When I logged on this morning, it said I was banned for illegal modifications.

    Why should this action be reversed: Last night, I had my 5zig client on which is not a hacked client and does not give you a great advantage over other players. I was hitting cane, and like 5 minutes before I was planning to log off, I saw that someone was /invseeing me, trying to change my inventory slots for hoes, so I just switched the slots back immediately and continued hitting cane. Now, I don't understand why there was suspicion of me using a hacked client, but if there was they should've asked for a screen share. I would've been more than happy to do one and show you guys the truth, but that simply did not happen. I was never frozen, never talked to about the situation, just simply banned. I'm not sure if its the server TPS, or if it was me lagging, but I am certain that I was not hacking. Of course, I've been in many staff positions in factions servers and I understand that I cannot do an SS this late, but I am willing to do one now if it would help my ban appeal, as I was not asked for one when banned.

    Thanks a lot!

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