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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by iRandumb, Jun 21, 2020.

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  1. iRandumb

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    Apr 19, 2020
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    1) Basic Info:

    What is your In-Game Name?

    What faction are you currently in?

    What is your discord? (name#1234)

    How old are you?

    What timezone are you in?

    Are you multilingual?
    What languages are you fluent in...
    English Only

    2) What encouraged you to apply for staff on KarismicMC?
    I have worked for KarismicMC before and I left due to some real-life circumstances but I mainly left because I thought the matters would take more time then I wanted and I didn't want to take a position I wasn't able to completely fill. I realized after starting my matters it doesn't take as much time and the time I have left before boot-camp I want to keep doing what I enjoy by gaming and being staff on servers I enjoy.

    3) How can you benefit the server?
    Server knowledge, Dedicated Staff, Plenty of Staff Experience

    4) Do you have any staff experience?
    If so, please go in-depth with what kind of situations you faced and what tasks you handled as a staff member.
    Owner - MenaceMC
    Co-Owner - EndCraft
    Manager - AnchorPvP
    Manager - RoyalWars
    Manager - OpalMC
    Manager - VapeNetwork
    Manager - Pro-Factions
    Manager - ArmonicPvP
    Manager - LabMC
    Manager - CentralGaming
    Sr.Admin - Dawnlight
    Sr.Admin - ImmortalCraft
    Sr.Admin - Direful Network
    Admin - FactionsLab
    Admin - SolarPvP
    Admin - TrophyPvP
    Admin - Skyzone
    Sr.Mod - KnightRaids
    Mod - Levaria
    Mod - Hyrane
    Mod - RivalNetwork
    Mod - PvPHeroes
    Mod - EvolveMC
    Mod - KarismicMC
    Jr.Mod - AvisMC
    Jr.Mod - CentileHCF
    Jr.Mod - SkiesMC
    Jr.Mod - AncientMC
    Jr.Mod - HelixMC
    Helper - SoarMC
    Helper - BoostedMC
    Helper - BlackFireNetwort
    Helper - VampedMC
    Helper - Vysteria
    Helper - AbyssMC
    Helper - HCStar
    Helper - PvPHQ
    Helper - PvPWars
    Client Moderator - Badlion Client

    Badlion Client:
    I learned how to deal with situations very quickly and deal with multiple issues at once and still keep calm and be accurate with my answers since Badlion Client usually has 40k+ Players Daily, we had many bugs and questions being asked at all times and we had to just stay calm and also remember that we had to be professional on all servers no matter where we were and also on social media, so this also taught me how to be professional no matter the circumstances.

    Factions Lab was a very toxic and corrupted server but I also learned a lot about factions when it came to the competitive scene. It also didn't help that the owner was FaziPvP he was very toxic towards everyone except to the Pay 2 Win players... because he just wanted money, so working for an ungrateful owner and a server full of toxic players definitely took a toll on my dedication towards staffing but I also learned that not all servers are like this and it was a great way to learn patience with an incompetent owner and impatient player base.

    PvPWars wasn't a bad server at all to work for it was great staff and it was even more amazing community, I never had a single issue with anyone I basically just left because it was a lot and also I had school to do still, PvPWars has one of the most active chats on a skyblock server I have ever seen, so I had to be quick with answers and punishments also with being accurate with answers, as well as logging punishments had to be really quick so I basically learned much focus and speed when it came to working on PvPWars.

    5) What kind of reputation do you feel you have on the server?
    Highly Positive

    6) How active can you be on the server, discord, and forums daily?
    Very, I basically wake up at 6 am run at 6:15, get back around 7, shower and eat, and work out around 7:45, and finish that around 9 or 9:30, after that I am completely free unless I have something else planned.

    7) How much experience do you have with playing Factions?
    After the FactionsLab scene, I gained a lot of knowledge about the new cannons, traps, and defenses but before FactionsLab I did play 3 years of Factions cycling through, UniverseMC, VanityMC, and also TheArchon, there were smaller servers but no one knew them so they're not a big deal.

    8) How well do you work with others?
    Depending on the other person's competence I have no issue with working with others.

    9) What do you believe is the main/overall role of a staff member?
    To keep the enjoyment of the server positive and enjoyable for everyone.

    10) Why should you be chosen over other applicants?
    I have plenty of Staff and Factions experience and I have also already worked for the server and I would like to think I have a pretty good reputation amongst the staff team and also the community

    11) Have you ever been muted or banned on the server? If so, please explain the incident.
    Muted once as a joke but it was 2 seasons ago.

    12) Anything else we should know?
    Jessica On Top <3
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    Nov 18, 2018
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    Good staff member in the past, nice application.

  3. Uash

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    Apr 9, 2020
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    Umm.. Contact Discord
    Home Page:
    +1 ...
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