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    Jun 20, 2020
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    TheWetLemon Youtuber Application!
    What is your Minecraft username?

    ● Are you applying for YouTube or Twitch?

    ○ I am applying for Youtuber rank.

    What is your channel link?

    What is your age?
    I am 20 years old

    What is your discord name/tag?

    What is your timezone/location?

    How long have you played KarismicMc?:
    This will be my first map of Karismic and I am hyped to be playing the map.

    How would the server benefit by you having the YouTube/Twitchrank?
    By having YouTuber rank on Karismic it will allow me to help and promote the server on the channel, with having the YouTuber rank on the Youtuber it will allow me to expand my channel to different types of communities, from looking over previous maps of Karismic I believe that this community is just right for my viewers and my self.

    Having the YouTuber rank on the server will benefit me as I will be able to post my youtube videos when I have posted a video, this will also allow me to expand my community as well as helping you guys expand your player base by bringing my viewers to the server.

    What is your short and long term plan as a potential creator for the server?
    My long term plan is to upload a video every two days as this will fit in my schedule. I would love to post a lot more but due to working a lot, it limits the amount I can post.