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    Hey everyone,

    After a very interesting Season 3, we took some time to step back and guide the server in a direction that we feel is best for the players. We chose this direction based off feedback we've received during Season 3 and prior seasons, and truly believe that in terms of changes, although smaller in volume are the most significant yet.

    ➜ Release:
    1/25/20 3pm EST
    ➜ Payouts: F-Top ($500 - $250 PayPal/$250 Store Credit)
    Cane-Top ($50 Store Credit)
    ➜ Length: 3 Weeks (1 week grace 1/25 - 2/1, 2 week TNT 2/1 - 2/15)
    Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)

    Added a rule disallowing factions from having multiple bases WITH VALUE
    Changed Mushroom Spawners to Witch Spawners in the shop, they function the exact same but this change allows you to make drop/burn grinders like you would for Iron Golems
    ➜ Made the Sell Wand in the Peasant Kit start at a 75% sell rate and have a max upgradable sell rate of 125%. You can also purchase 100% and 125% Sell Wands on our store (
    ➜ Removed the $50,000,000 cap on player balances
    ➜ Implemented a new rule/feature that will disable spawner placement 24hr before payouts
    ➜ All worlds are now flat with up to 5 blocks of y-level variation on the surface with no chunks outside the border to prevent stacking outside of it and no water/lava oceans.
    ➜ Boss event now only spawns bosses with a difficulty rating between 1-5 (Onnan, Agukath, Vorkoran, Zostras, Tharguros)
    ➜ Improved the way player data is handled when the server crashes (i.e. - no more downtime to retrieve backed up player data)
    ➜ Fixed formatting issues in the /genbucket menu
    ➜ Fixed error where vote party would go negative
    ➜ Fixed issue with lucky vote features not working at all - Lucky Vote is a feature tied in with the /vote feature that has a small chance each vote to make that vote "Lucky". Each time you receive a lucky vote, you will receive the total number of lucky votes you have as lucky keys. (e.g. - If you have n lucky votes prior to voting, your next lucky vote will reward you n+1 lucky keys)
    ➜ A complete rework on the envoy event:
    ➜ Event occurs every hour
    ➜ Only 10 chests spawn, these chests spawn in the same location and are clearly marked in the warzone
    ➜ There is only 1 tier of envoy crates now
    ➜ Receive 1-3 items per crate with a 10s crate collection cooldown
    ➜ An entirely new set of rewards without the useless items previously featured ranging from simple kits to even a rank!
    ➜ Updated the envoy start message to include /warp warzone for new players so there is absolutely no confusion on where to go to participate in the event
    ➜ Decreased TNT explosion radius making patching now possible
    ➜ Players on the /spawner platform are now invisible reducing lag at spawn (also applies to the entire hub)
    ➜ Added payout procedures to the faction rules document, these procedures explain how we handle before, during, and after the time payout occurs so there is no confusion (MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS)
    ➜ Reworked the entire EXP economy/custom enchant system. Custom enchants were a big issue in the previous season and we took the time to come up with a new set of enchants that would tone down the crazy debuff pvp previously featured on Karismic. Karismic now features the following enchants (5k EXP per enchantment book, right click an enchantment book to receive a random enchant at a random level)
    Format: (<Enchant Name>, <Max Level>, <What it applies to>) - <Descrption>

    (Nocturnal, I, Helmet) - Gives the player Night Vision I
    (Amphibious, I, Helmet) - Gives the player Water Breahing I
    (Prosper, I, Helmet) - Gives the player Regeneration I

    (Strong, I, Chestplate/Leggings) - Gives the player Strength I
    (Scorched, I, Chestplate/Leggings) - Gives the player Fire Resistance I
    (Tough, II, Chestplate/Leggings) - Gives the player Health Boost <level>
    (Haste, II, Chestplate/Leggings) - Gives the player Haste <level>

    (Agile, II, Boots) - Gives the user Speed <level>
    (Leap, II, Boots) - Gives the player Jump Boost <level>

    ALL Armor:
    (Heavy Plating, II, All Armor) - Armor takes less durability dmaage

    (Insight, II, Swords) - Chance to earn extra exp (exp amount: 3-6, chance: 1:10%, 2:25%) while killing mobs
    (Decapitation, II Swords/Axes) - Chance (1: 25%, 2: 50%) to receive a players head when killing them
    (Honour, II, Swords) - Chance (1: 25% (1-5), 2: 50% (1-5)) to receive Honor while killing mobs

    (Hail of Arrows, II, Bows) - Chance (1: 25%, 2: 50%) to rain arrows down upon your enemies (8s cooldown)
    (Iron Arrows, II, Bows) - Arrows deal extra (1: 25%, 2: 50%) damage to enemy armor

    (Obsidian Destroyer, II, Pickaxe) - Chance (1: 10%, 2: 25%) to instantly destroy obsidian when mining
    (Auto Smelt, I, Pickaxe) - Automatically smelts ores when mined
    (Restore, II, Pickaxe) - Chance (1: 25%, 2: 50%) to "restore" the item after it breaks, setting it to half durability
    The change on custom enchants had a significant impact on all of the /gkits which only included armor/weapons. To keep gkits special we've added special masks that can only be earned through their respective gkit: (Warlock, Titan, Hunter, Blacksmith, Enchantress, Cannoner, Excavator, Sin, Jester, Lightforged, Crusader, Mimic, Barbarian, Druid, Demolitionist, Masquerader, and Glacial). These new masks feature new upgrades as well, ranging from specific mob damage to make grinding easier to harvest hoe boosts making your chance to find spawners/keys/engrams higher (stacks with existing multipliers)!
    ➜ Reworked the entire Honor economy to maintain smoother gameplay
    ➜ Decreased Harvest Hoe upgrade prices to encourage more development in-game
    ➜ Decreased Honor shop prices to stimulate use of the king shop
    ➜ Adjusted in-game honor rewards to be compatible with the new harvest hoe and king shop prices
    ➜ Adjusted $ economy to run in conjunction with masks, sell wands, and other sell multipliers
    ➜ Removed confirmation menu from random spawner voucher
    ➜ Removed broadcasts from currency vouchers
    ➜ Added colored glass/stained clay to /shop
    ➜ Added Tag Collection #4 ([YURI], [WW3], [2020], [NoComp], [BOT]) to the store and retired Tag Collection #3
    ➜ Revamped KoTH rewards filtering out useless items making the event more desirable to contest
    ➜ Added a Tools section to the store which will host a plethora of items to make base-work easier
    ➜ Removed AntiVPN for players who feel safer logging on with VPNs due to the rise of data breaches
    ➜ Entirely new Factions plugin with the following features in addition to standard faction features...
    ➜ /f wallcheck <x minutex> - reminds you to check your walls every x minutes
    ➜ /f announce <message> - announces a message to your faction
    ➜ /f mutechat - toggle global chat if you are annoyed with the messages
    ➜ /f drain - drain money from your faction members
    ➜ /f shield - set a 8h shield that will prevent you from being raided. the shield can only be set during grace period, after grace you will not be able to change it. 24h before payouts, ALL shields will be disabled. Raiding while your shield is enabled is not allowed
    ➜ /f statistics - view your kills/deaths (also on the scoreboard) in addition to your blocks placed/mined and your playtime
    ➜ /f corner - claims your entire buffer if you are standing in a corner claim
    ➜ /f inspect - similar to coreinspect but used for factions, so see who break/placed what in your claims
    ➜ Added new rule making raiding while your faction shield is enabled punishable
    ➜ Added new rule that states faction shields will be disabled 24h before payouts
    ➜ Added a new tools section to the store to make bases easier featuring a variety of different tools (trench picks, tray picks, block wands, and lightning wands)
    ➜ Added new bundles to the store replacing bundles from the previous season
    ➜ Updated the Eco Sheet's cactus sell price to accurately reflect the price in game (typo)

    The Karismic team and myself worked day and night behind the scenes to ensure that all valid concerns and issues were resolved before we released Season 4. We are beyond excited to release the new Karismic to you all for a thrilling factions experience.