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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by RighteousHound, Dec 21, 2019.

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    Dec 9, 2018
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    Are you applying for a moderation position or a building/developing position?:
    Moderation Position

    What is your Minecraft username?:

    What is your age?:

    What is your discord name/tag?:

    What is your timezone/location?:
    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    How long have you played on Karismic MC?:
    I played in previous iterations of the server starting from season 1 and just came back recently.

    How would you improve Karismic MC?:
    For new players it can seem intimidating upon joining the server. A guide to help get started the right way can put a positive mental attitude into new players minds when starting out. Descriptions of all enchantments laid out somewhere can also help new players learn about how they work and give them a chance to see what they should build to. An important and personal opinion also is that I see servers with one particular game mode do really really well and as soon as they expand the server tends to die out. I really do not recommend having a hub with different game modes. It can potentially kill your server.

    How have you helped people on the server?:
    In previous iterations yes, and in the duration of this particular one I plan to continue helping in future.

    How much time can you contribute to the server?:
    This depends on how my college schedule turns out. Some days I can be on at least 4-5 hours a day and others possibly an hour or 2 a day. Being a big boy means I have big boy responsibilities, meaning I will have other things to other than leisure time. Personally it's better to be honest and say what needs to be said than lie and not put in the desired effort.

    What has been one of your best moments on Karismic MC?
    Joining a discord channel and people using voice changers was probably a best moment that I can remember, the noise was incredible. I was forced to turn down the person voice spamming, I had no recollection of what was even happening. I can remember crying with laughter because it was just so incredibly stupid to listen to!

    Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?


    About 2013 or so a big factions server by the name of Bear-Nation was under my administration. Bear Nation averaged about 300+ players a day. I was responsible for checking for bugs and ensuring the server was stable. As well as this I was an applicant reviewer. Bear (The Owner) put me in charge of choosing future staff members. Decisions easy and hard were made but new experiences was given to me every time. Being a server admin is tough and can leave you tired and frustrated. But the effort can pay off seeing players enjoy the game and tell you how hard you work. The overall experience from Bear Nation was mostly good, the only let down is how the server was deleted and was never brought back. Unfortunate but this is how some servers can end up depending on the financial situation.

    Dream MC

    I found Dream MC about early 2015 and played until about late 2016. This server had about 200+ daily and the player base was quite toxic so problems would never be too far. Dream MC was dedicated to factions only and it always seemed to be packed to the point where there was no slots available to let you on. There I was a head moderator. My responsibilities were to get feedback from all moderators and report to an admin as well as perform regular moderation duties. This experience was a lot better than Bear Nation. A lot of the staff members were close to each other which made working a lot more fun. In the end I ended up resigning due to school and exams. From there I remained a normal player and played until I quit before my exams.


    Pokelegends was a server I had played on for a long time. It was solely pixelmon and survival. It's deemed an official pixelmon mod server meaning it's one of the mod creators servers. In it's prime it was the most popular server with about 120+ players a day. Becoming a staff member on this server took about a year for me since the existing team was already very good at the time, but slowly the team began to show their toxic side. Before even being accepted I had to withstand interviews, questionnaires and a written application which made the whole process in it's entirety a real trek to go through. I ended up being only a helper on there for about 2 months before being forced to resign. I withstood a lot of staff mistreatment which lead me to feeling quite depressed and unmotivated. I believed in teamwork but some members just chose not to commit to it. It was a real let down and it actually lead me to quitting Minecraft for a long time. This goes to show that being a staff member isn't always the best opportunity to take.

    Are you involved in any hobbies/activities outside of Minecraft?
    Outside of Minecraft I like to play other games such as League of Legends and Yu Gi Oh Duel Links. I am quite a super nerd deep down and I really enjoy games that require thinking. As well as that I enjoy coding, I'm an instructor for our local Code Dojo which teaches kids how to use Scratch and basic Python. Other days I enjoy driving around and meeting up with friends to maintain my already pathetic social skills! (xddd)

    Anything else?
    I'd like to wish anyone else the best of luck with their application and I hope they get what they desire.

    Thank you very much reader!
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    Sep 27, 2019
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    United States
    Application Accepted!
    You have been added on Discord and will be contacted with further instructions.
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