Season 2 Update 2

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    Hey everyone,

    Today we will install our second update of season 2. This update was focused on revamping the Honor currency. We began our revamp on Honor around the same time last season, and will continue to keep adding features that tie into the currency. In addition to continuing our Honor revamp, we fixed numerous bugs and other issues with a few new things sprinkled in.


    The old, boring King Shop

    The new, revamped King Shop​

    The King Shop was very underwhelming; it sold the same, boring items and was not rewarding for the amount of grind it took to earn these items. The King Shop underwent a complete revamp, there are now 2 sections within the shop: Standard and Special. The Standard shop features items like, but not limited to: Sell Wands, Boosters, Fly Vouchers, and Donor Kits.The Special shop features items like: Random God Kits, Random Ancestral Guardians, Random Spawners, Bundles from /buy, and so much more. The Standard shop refreshes every 3 days, and the Special shop refreshes every 5 days. What does refresh mean you might ask? It means that there will be different items for you to purchase every time the shop refreshes! So now there are more items for you to work for.

    Effective at 4pm EST, there will be a 60% SALE on our store for 1 week! Make sure to pick up the new bundles, ranks, and keys during this time to secure you Factions spot on /ftop! There is still over 300$ to be won so make sure to set your faction up for success!

    We set our September 2019 Donation Goal to $250! Reaching this goal would help us out immensely, we have our sites set on upgrading the server and the cannon jar, and so many other things. Please support the server to help us progress and continue to provide Karismic Factions.

    Accompanied by the new King Shop are new bundles that can be purchased from our store! Make sure to purchase these bundles while you can, after September they will be gone!​

    September 2019 Pandora Box

    Sell Wand Bundle

    September 2019 Key Bundle

    Season 2 God Kit Bundle

    • NEW Auto Restart - The server will automatically restart every 24h. There will be broadcasts every hour up until the last hour, then the broadcasts will happen more often, alerting online players of the incoming restart.
    • Spawner Tax has been increased to 50%
    • Outpost capture is now flawless, before there were some points on the capture area that would not register as capturing but it has been fixed
    • Fixed F Power placeholder not rounding the number
    • Fixed being able to break ore blocks anywhere
    • Fixed voting milestones not giving keys
    • Fixed some envoy rewards not giving the correct reward
    • Fixed outpost potions overriding same potion effects (now accepts the one with the highest level)
    • Removed Strength effect from the Onnan boss, armor should not be broken as quickly while fighting him now
    • Removed ALL Golden Apple (God Apple drops are still there) from bosses
    • Xur'Gez health changed from 1250 -> 2500
    • Divine Honor drop rates DOUBLED
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