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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Akumbo, Jul 2, 2019.

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    1. TNT Wands (like sell wands but it adds the tnt to your tnt bank when clicking a chest with tnt inside)

    2. Instant break sponge (very annoying to remove becuase no tool is fast on it)

    3. /Trade (Trade with another person using a GUI)

    4. More /f warps (Upgradable with /f upgrade)

    5. Better /duel kits and/or bigger maps

    6. Bosses added back from KoTH

    7. Another outpost (No Custom enchants)

    8. Chunk hoppers (Mob drops/crops)

    9. Higher tier chunk busters to /shop

    10. Stackable/upgradable spawners

    11. Harvester hoes

    12. Cost/Timer on mining spawners (Basically if you place a spawner you should have like 2 minutes to mine it (free/less), if for example you misplace a spawner and its in the way so you can move it)

    13. Mcmmo vouchers in /king shop

    14. Tradable honor and/or /Honor withdraw

    15. Sellable heads and/or bountys
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