6/15/19 - 7/1/19 Server Change Logs

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    Server Change Logs
    - Replied to player reports on the forums
    - Replied to Punishment Appeals on the forums

    - Increased all of the honor shop costs besides the spawners
    - Went over staff guidelines, remove /jail from some of the punishments and increased mute durations. Other than that, everything looks good.
    - Made patch notes / announcement
    - Made tnt not blow up lava (will make regens work)
    - Removed the underline from overlord rank
    - Removed Sr. Mod and Sr. Admin rank, moved all their perms to admin/mod rank
    - Changed the color of blue in hero rank &3 -> &9
    - Removed magma cube spawn ability from xurgez
    - Added new skill "Void Bomb" to xurgez
    - Added perm to use /f chest
    - TNT does NOT blow up lava anymore
    - Obsidians health can only be checked in warzone/faction claims now (cant check obsidians health in the warzone/safezone)
    - Created 1.5 branch and started development for the mid season update

    - Completed and tester the spawner tax feature. Ready for implementation
    - Fixed splash potions not working in the warzones for all worlds (overworld, nether, end)
    - Fixed splash potions not working in the koth pvp area
    - Setup the builder group

    - Updated staff on the website
    - Updated staff hallway on hub
    - Added/Changed cooldown to 10s for /near, /fireball, and /smite
    - Fixed the conflicting ice prices in /shop
    - Fixed players not being able to hit mobs in /warp koth
    - Removed selling raw meat from the store

    - Removed envoy flare from legendary envoy crate

    - Removed the option to sell TNT
    - Disabled bosses, the rewards are very bad

    - Removed #feedback from discord, move the feedback/suggestions stuff to the website
    - Changed the max health/speed/damage from 2048 -> 25000000
    - Changed the growth rate in overworld for crops to be 300%, was 200%. Now all worlds have 300% growth rate
    - Changed cannon patches jar for flux spigot jar
    - Fixed selling TNT with sellwands still
    - Finished the outpost code, Tested it all and to my knowledge everything works
    - Removed "WITHER" type from the spawners whitelist section

    - Fixed the conflicting mushroom prices in the shop
    - Removed the combat section from the shop
    - Removed the ability to purchase diamond hoes / fishing rods from the farming section
    - Changed mushroom prices (brown and red) to B:4 S:2
    - Removed the ability to sell ore blocks (e.g. - coal ore, diamond ore, lapis ore, etc.)
    - Changed all ore blocks buy/sell prices to be 9x their corresponding ingots buy/sell price. There was a bonus for turning the ore into a block, this was removed.
    - Gold sell price increased from 35 per -> 37.5 per
    - Diamond sell price decrease from 250 per -> 75 per
    - Rename the redstone shop to technology, the shop section now contains complimentary items to redstone
    - Removed redstone / redstone blocks from the technology section, its in the ore section already
    - Removed TNT from the technology section
    - Changed mob drops shop icon from spider eye -> rotten flesh
    - Changed blocks shop icon from stone -> grass
    - Rearranged the order of the shops in the /shop menu
    - Removed selling of obsidian blocks completely
    - Removed emeralds from the mob drops shop
    - Removed ghast tear, magma cream, roses, rabbit foot, and rabbit hide from the shop
    - Changed Shop Prices
    - Changed all the mob drop prices to match slayers suggestions
    - Removed the option to sell ANYTHING from the technology shop

    - Removed donator roles from the discord
    - Changed unbreaking level on overlord sword from 4 -> 3
    - Removed silk touch pickaxes from all kits below king
    - Added fire aspect 1 / flame 1 to baron/hero kits
    - Added fire aspect 2 / flame 2 to king + kits
    - Overhauled the ranks page on the store

    - Fixed deny button using the confirm buttons lore in the voucher confirmation menu
    - Fixed the selection menu not actually giving you the reward you picked
    - Sellwand prices were updated to reflect the new shop prices (thanks to soccer)

    - Updated the store to reflect the new EXP multipliers for king/overlord

    - Recreated #content-creators channel on the discord
    - Made a forum category dedicated to content creator applications
    - Bought New Cannoning Jar
    - Blocked the usage of /sethome in the koth world
    - Removed prices in the lore of items in /buy
    - Installed mid-season update, made announcement and all that jazz

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