6/2/19 - 6/14/19

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    6/6/19 -
    - Updated the staff hallway in the hub

    6/8/19 -
    - Added day/night cycles in the hub
    - Fixed void fall in the hub
    - Refactored hub cores code

    6/12/19 -
    - Fixed bungeecord issues


    6/3/19 -
    - fixed crate dupe glitch

    6/9/19 -
    - Added envoy flare use perm to all ranks

    6/12/19 -
    - Made it no blocks effect island value beside ore blocks


    6/2/19 -
    - Released Server

    6/3/19 -
    - Fixed world guard issue at KoTH area
    - Fixed crate dupe glitch
    - Reduced envoy collect timer (15s cooldown -> 5s cooldown)
    - Added permission to use /f upgrade, /f setwarp, and /f warp
    - Added sponge, glass, and chunk busters to the shop
    - Added perm to admin + staff ranks to not change gamemode when changing worlds
    - Reduced stone sell price
    - Fixed "dupe" issue with /xpbottle
    - Changed some of the NPC skins in spawn to league of legends skins

    6/4/19 -
    - Added sell wand use permission
    - Added /sell all permission
    - Fixed hawks ban fiasco (pt. 1)
    - Added /sell hand and /sell handall permissions
    - Made it so mobs only stack when there are 6 of the same mob within the chunk
    - Added URL in chat, color chat/signs/msgs to Famous/YouTube rank
    - Updated #apply on discord to show how to apply for Famous/YouTube/Staff
    - Added scoreboard toggle permission
    - Fixed envoy tier 2 pick being stone

    6/5/19 -
    - Replaced high value bank notes from high tier crates with lower value bank notes
    - Nerfed June 2019 Monthly Crate (8 keys -> 3 keys, 10 chunk bust -> 5 chunk bust)
    - Changed end stone sell price 8 -> 6
    - Limited monthly crate / key bundle to be 1 per user in /buy
    - Made sure all store packages only execute when the user is online
    - Fixed issue with June 2019 key bundle only giving 3x each key instead of 5x
    - Fixed donators not being able to place extra items on /ah
    - Added the /dehome permissions

    6/6/19 -
    - KDA when having 0 deaths and any number of kills x > 0 being displayed as "Infinity" has been fixed
    - Log folder created in the karismic factions plugin, all commands are now logged
    - Golden apples/hoppers are disabled from crafting
    - Fixed item editor but, everyone could use it
    - Disabled flight in warzone - added god apples (2.5k) and hoppers (25k) to shop
    - Fixed issues with youtube/famous kit (added paper displaying all the items they receive for giveaways, and execute the commands to give those items instead)
    - Added /tempmute, /unmute to helper
    - Added /mute to mod

    6/7/19 -
    - Flying in warzone is disabled / not allowed
    - Milestones are fixed
    - Made f-top text based rather than gui based
    - Added /disposal to lord rank

    6/8/19 -
    - Added lilypads to the farming shop for 10$
    - Reduced /fix cooldown (5min -> 2:30min)
    - Updated savage fac (fixes console spam error)
    - Update vouchers (pretty significant optimization)
    - Enabled cmd blocks - updated ranks on the webstore that showed /repair to now show /fix
    - Fixed koth scheduling, made all koths happen 1 hour earlier
    - Made all staff messages &b

    6/9/19 -
    - Disabled mob stacking for enderman, creepers, iron golems, villagers, and ghasts
    - Fixed issue with tier 3 envoy pickaxe not dropping
    - Removed strength II pot from standard duel kit and added 27 health pots - Successfully held parkour event
    - Ended grace - Did rank giveaway
    - Removed all broadcasts relating to the release week sale
    - Added creeper eggs to the shop for 250k each
    - Reduced the number of creeper eggs u get from cannoner gkit 32 -> 12

    6/10/19 -
    - Determined that duel issue regarding stealing items from bets is nonexistent

    6/11/19 -
    - Fixed the issue of leaders only being allowed to place gen buckets
    - Updated rules

    6/13/19 -
    - Restored factions backup from 6/12 12:00am EST
    - Added ip whitelist
    - Tested done with chickenprism, we strongly believe that uuid spoofing is now patched
    - Added animated names to the tab list
    - Commaned logger was reworked so the commands are logged respectively in a file for that day
    - Removed silk spawners plugin in place of our own version of it
    - All plugins that I know of that give spawners have been updated to the new plugin (KoTH, shop, envoy, crates, bosses, vouchers, mcrates)
    - Changed creeper spawner price to 750k (in shop and f-top)
    - Made using withers in raiding NOT allowed
    - Disabled igs dying from fall damage (requires restart)
    - Disabled left shooting (requires restart)
    - Added 30s cooldown to /fireball and /smite

    6/14/19 -
    - Added /f tntfill perm to peasant group
    - Added /repair to famous/youtube
    - Fixed all spawn eggs spawning creatures instead of their respective mob
    - Disabled writing in books to prevent a book dupe glitch
    - Added custom obsidian breaker because the old one had too many issues (bedrock breaking, fireballs damaging obsidian)
    - Disabled placing water directly on spawners - added impersonation as a rule
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