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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by DerockGamer, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Are you applying for a moderation position or a building/developing position? Developer

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What is your age? 13

    What is your discord name/tag?

    What is your timezone/location? EST

    How long have you played KarismicMc?: For a very long time, since summer last year.

    How would you improve KarismicMc? I have lots of experience with Java and JavaScript (Node.js using Discord.js API specifically, and I am still learning). I have developed many plugins before ( | total of 1.1k downloads) and I am part of a development team for a Discord bot, currently with around 60k users ( << Discord Bot Support Server). I am one of the head Developers. I have lots of experience with plugins, bungee server, and many other parts of a server! I've built a computer (easy) and done tinkering with Arduinos (plural as in 2 connected using I2C). My goal is to get rid of all bugs, and keep Karismic's experience great! I am active quite a bit, and I am available most of the time!

    How have you helped people on the server? Lots of people ask questions, I do myself. In game, some people also ask questions, and I help some out and answer their question. I interact with the community when online.

    Thank you for taking the time reading my post, and I hope you have an excellent day!