[Annoncement] Season 6 Feedback
Hello everyone!

We hope that everyone enjoyed KarismicMC's 6th season of factions! We are extremely fortunate to have such a supporting and active community. To thank everyone, we have decided to give out one FREE Karismic Key. In order to receive this key, all you have to do is post one suggestion, comment, or idea on this post with your IGN and you will receive your FREE Karismic Key.

As season 6 has ended, we are posting another feedback post for you to share your thoughts on how you think the season went overall. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see added or removed from KarismicMC, post down below. KarismicMC is growing rapidly on a day to day basis. This means that the Staff Team has been getting swarmed with work and sometimes, we miss/lack the creativity that our community has for new ideas.

Each season we try to make changes that add new fun ways to play the game. We also try to fix issues that pop up during the season to make your experience on KarismicMC the best it can be. As mentioned above, we want to know what YOU liked and disliked about the server, whether its a very nit picky suggestion or a change that would totally revamp the server, please let us know.

Again, we thank all of the members of KarismicMC for sticking around with us. Lets keep it up and continue to spread the word of KarismicMC!
[Annoncement] Factions Season 6
Hey everyone,

We hope you are as excited for our 6th season of Factions as we are! The team has been hard at work over the last week fixing bugs reported to us during Season 5, and adding new features. In this post you can find a detailed breakdown of the season, including a showcase of significant new features as well as a full changelog. This is a different style of changelog than I usually post, so I would appreciate some feedback on it.


Release: 3/14/20 3pm EST


F-Top - $500 (TNT Week)
#1: $200 PayPal/$200 Store Credit
#2: $100 PayPal
#3 $50 Store Credit
#4 $30 Store Credit
#5 $20 Store Credit

C-Top - $50 (Grace Week)
#1: $25 Store Credit
#2: $15 Store Credit
#3: $10 Store Credit

Length: 14d (1 week grace 3/14 - 3/21, 1 week TNT 3/21 - 3/28)
Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)


Upgradable Mob Swords
This is a feature that I have personally wanted to add for quite some time now. Factions is extremely repetitive, and my goal is to try and keep the gamemode as entertaining as possible without effecting core mechanics. A feature that has received overwhelmingly positive responses are our upgradable harvest hoes. However, farming cane can become boring very fast when every server has a cane eco. To combat this, along with our new economy we have introduced upgradable mob swords. The swords are obtainable via the Peasant Kit, which means they are COMPLETELY FREE. All you have to do is farm mobs and upgrade the...
[Annoncement] Season 5 Feedback
Hello everyone!

We hope that you have enjoyed KarismicMC's 5th Season of Factions. Thank you to everyone who played and supported the server last season, we hope you will continue to support us for many more seasons to come

Each season we make changes that add new ways to play the game, and fix issues that pop up during the season. With that being said, we wanted to take the time to ask the community what YOU want to see the server do. The team at KarismicMC wants to know what YOU liked and disliked about the server, whether its a very nit picky suggestions or a change that would totally revamp the server, please let us know.

Again, thank you to all of the members of KarismicMC for building such a wonderful, and active factions community. Lets keep it up and continue to spread the word of KarismicMC!

[Annoncement] Season 5
Hey everyone,

I want to start by thanking everyone who participated during Season 4. It was a record season in all aspects and we could not have done it without everyone involved, from the players to staff. Next, I want to apologize for the lack of announcements. The staff team has been hard at work, and I truly mean we have been hard at work. We worked really hard to improve the server based off of feedback given from Season 4 and previous seasons, plus some extra QOL changes. This season, although the change log is not the most flashy it contains crucial changes that will set the groundwork for future seasons of Karismic Factions. With all that being said, below you can find this seasons important information and a complete change log.

➜ Release: 2/22/20 3pm EST
➜ Payouts:

F-Top - $500 (TNT Week)
#1: $150 PayPal/$150 Store Credit
#2: $100 PayPal
#3 $50 Store Credit
#4 $30 Store Credit
#5 $20 Store Credit

C-Top - $50 (Grace Week)
#1: $25 Store Credit
#2: $15 Store Credit
#3: $10 Store Credit
➜ Length: 2w/14d (1 week grace 2/22 - 2/29, 2 week TNT 2/29 - 3/7)
Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)

Note: This change log is subject to change at anytime prior to 2/22/20 3pm EST (LAST EDITED 2/17/20)

➜ New Anti-Cheat with enhanced hacker detection precision (does not conflict with printer)
➜ Removed 2h Fly...
Hey Everyone!

KarismicMC will be hosting our first event of the season. It will be a 2v2 PvP tournament. The Tournament will begin at 5pm EST on Friday, January 31st. The Tournament will consist of the following rules,

- Only two teams are allowed from each individual faction (4 Players total)
- No-Debuff Kit will be provided, speed and health pots
- It is SINGLE elimination

The following prizes will be issued to the faction that has the winning team.
- 1st Place Team: $25 Buycraft
- 2nd Place Team: $15 Buycraft
- 3rd Place Team: $10 Buycraft

If players are found to be leaving their current faction and creating a new one in order to gain more slots for the tournament, each team from the original faction will be automatically DISQUALIFIED and will receive 2 WARNING POINTS against their faction.

If more than two teams from your faction apply, the FIRST two applications will be taken. There will be a bracket created for the tournament which will be posted 1 HOUR prior to the start time of the event (4pm EST) in discord NEWS channel. You must sign up for the tournament by 3pm EST FRIDAY to be added to the bracket.

To sign up for the tournament, post a ticket with the following format in our DISCORD

(First Line) 2v2 TOURNAMENT

(2nd) Your IGN:
(3rd) Partner's IGN:
(4th) Faction Name:

BOTH members of your team MUST register by posting a ticket. If only one ticket is received from one of the members, you will NOT be added to the bracket.
[Annoncement] Season 4
Hey everyone,

After a very interesting Season 3, we took some time to step back and guide the server in a direction that we feel is best for the players. We chose this direction based off feedback we've received during Season 3 and prior seasons, and truly believe that in terms of changes, although smaller in volume are the most significant yet.

➜ Release:
1/25/20 3pm EST
➜ Payouts: F-Top ($500 - $250 PayPal/$250 Store Credit)
Cane-Top ($50 Store Credit)
➜ Length: 3 Weeks (1 week grace 1/25 - 2/1, 2 week TNT 2/1 - 2/15)
Eco-Sheet: $ and Honor (Click here)

Added a rule disallowing factions from having multiple bases WITH VALUE
Changed Mushroom Spawners to Witch Spawners in the shop, they function the exact same but this change allows you to make drop/burn grinders like you would for Iron Golems
➜ Made the Sell Wand in the Peasant Kit start at a 75% sell rate and have a max upgradable sell rate of 125%. You can also purchase 100% and 125% Sell Wands on our store (shop.karismicmc.com)
➜ Removed the $50,000,000 cap on player balances
➜ Implemented a new rule/feature that will disable spawner placement 24hr before payouts
➜ All worlds are now flat with up to 5 blocks of y-level variation on the surface with no chunks outside the border to prevent stacking outside of it and no water/lava oceans.
➜ Boss event now only spawns bosses with a difficulty rating between 1-5 (Onnan, Agukath, Vorkoran, Zostras, Tharguros)
➜ Improved the way player data is handled when the...

As we near the end of a fun-filled decade, one in which the majority of memories for many were made, we begin to embrace the change that is inevitable, both in life and in our amazing community. As we conclude our private beta and wrap up development, we look to open the refreshed and renewed doors of Karismic Factions to the public. After weeks of thorough testing and months of deep development, we open KarismicMC with a multitude of new, engaging features, with the confidence and promise that this will simply be the best season yet. We are ready to embark on a new journey with our community, hoping to provide an intensified, exciting and ever-changing environment for players, and factions, to thrive in.


The amount of changes that will be put in place at the start of Season 3 is astronomical. They include; significant rule changes, new enchants, new bosses, introduction of masks and addition of a new top rank, all hoping to affect gameplay in a way not yet seen within Karismic. With the great staff team working in conjunction with our hardcore player base we were able to rat out and fix what we hope is the majority of bugs in the economy and new content through the private beta, to help the season run as smoothly as possible. This season is one adapted to what our growing community wants and demands, with shorter seasons, more giveaways, more events, more sales, and most importantly, more fun.

New Content:
  • Fixed Cannoning/Printer - We have purchased a new premium spigot jar which will greatly enhance the cannoning/printer performance, as well as server performance in general.
  • Upgradable Harvest Hoe - Every player will start with one of these and you will earn honor while farming cane. The upgrades the hoe has are: Sell Multiplier, Honor Multiplier, EXP Finder, Key Finder, Spawner Finder, and Engram Finder. The cane you mine while using this hoe contributes to your /canetop score.
  • Upgradable Sell Wand -...
Hey everyone,

Today we will install our second update of season 2. This update was focused on revamping the Honor currency. We began our revamp on Honor around the same time last season, and will continue to keep adding features that tie into the currency. In addition to continuing our Honor revamp, we fixed numerous bugs and other issues with a few new things sprinkled in.


The old, boring King Shop

The new, revamped King Shop​

The King Shop was very underwhelming; it sold the same, boring items and was not rewarding for the amount of grind it took to earn these items. The King Shop underwent a complete revamp, there are now 2 sections within the shop: Standard and Special. The Standard shop features items like, but not limited to: Sell Wands, Boosters, Fly Vouchers, and Donor Kits.The Special shop features items like: Random God Kits, Random Ancestral Guardians, Random Spawners, Bundles from /buy, and so much more. The Standard shop refreshes every 3 days, and the Special shop refreshes every 5 days. What does refresh mean you might ask? It means that there will be different items for you to purchase every time the shop refreshes! So now there are more items for you to work for.

Effective at 4pm EST, there will be a 60% SALE on our store for 1 week! Make sure to pick up the new bundles, ranks, and keys during this time to secure you Factions spot on /ftop! There is still over 300$ to be won so make sure to set your faction up for success!

We set our September 2019 Donation Goal to $250! Reaching this goal would help us out immensely, we have our sites set on upgrading the server and the cannon jar, and so many other things. Please support the server to help us progress and continue to provide Karismic Factions.

Hey everyone,

Today we are installing the first of three major updates this season. This update was focused on revamping player duels, and beginning our transition into modern factions. With this update comes...

➜ Max Allowed Printer Settings: 1 Second Block Delay and 3 Block Placement Distance
➜ Roof cannoning is now not allowed


➜ Moved Chunk Busters to the Specialty Items shop section
➜ Moved Creeper Eggs to the Specialty Items shop section
➜ Added Signs, Torches, and Ladders to the Blocks shop for 50$ each
➜ Fixed issue with potion stack size limit not working as intended
➜ Fixed Forgotten Lands welcome hologram not displaying the correct world size
➜ Removed the Outpost status messages, have been replaced with Outpost scoreboards
➜ Made mushroom cows not stack
➜ Removed tax from jackpot, coinflip, and the auction house
➜ Creepers now drop between 1-3 TNT (was only 1 before)
➜ Fixed issue with placing mob eggs on spawners, this now works on all sides of the spawners
➜ Entities now despawn when lag clears
➜ Removed the crate animation, they now instantly open

➜ /printer - Toggle printer mode by executing this command. While in printer mode you can infinitely place blocks as long as your balance allows it. *note: to place a block you must have at least 1 in your inventory*
➜ Duel Revamp - The duel system on the server has been revamped! We took the feedback to heart and made changes that you all will enjoy
➜ Maps - Mineshaft, Aqueduct, Sumo, Palace, Villa, Canyon





➜ Kits - Gapple, OITQ, Archer, Debuff, No-Debuff, Knockback, Iron, Standard

Gapple -
Diamond Armor (Protection 4, Unbreaking 3)
Diamond Sword (Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3)
64x God Apples

I am excited to announce that the first event of Season 2 will be taking place next week. Please read through this thread to find out more information!

Event Type: Spleef

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 20th.

Time: 7 PM EST

There will be a total of 5 winners:

1st Place Rewards:

- x2 Summer Crate Key
- x2 Karismic Crate Key
- x4 Godly Crate Key
- x5 Legendary Crate Key
- x7 Rare Crate Key
- x8 Uncommon Crate key
- x2 Random God Kit
- August 2019 Pandora's Box
- Random GKIT Unlock
- Random Mob Spawner
- 2,500 Honor Boost

2nd Place Rewards:

- x1 Summer Crate Key
- x2 Karismic Crate Key
- x3 Godly Crate Key
- x3 Legendary Crate Key
- x4 Rare Crate Key
- x6 Uncommon Crate Key
- Random Mob Spawner
- Random God Kit
- x2 Karismic Flare
- 1000 Honor Boost

3rd Place Rewards:

- x1 Summer Crate Key
- x1 Karismic Crate Key
- x2 Godly Crate Key
- x2 Legendary Crate Key
- x3 Rare Crate Key
- x5 Uncommon Crate Key
- Random Mob Spawner
- Random GKIT
- 500 Honor Boost

4th Place Rewards:

- x1 Summer Crate Key
- x1 Karismic Crate Key
- x1 Godly Crate Key
- x2 Legendary Crate Key
- x4 Rare Crate Key
- x4 Uncommon Crate Key
- Kit Voucher: Overlord Kit
- Kit Voucher: King Kit
- 500 Honor Boost

5th Place Rewards:

- x1 Summer Crate Key
- x1 Godly Crate Key
- x1 Legendary Crate Key
- x2 Rare Crate Key
- x4 Uncommon Crate Key
- Kit Voucher: Overlord Kit
- Kit Voucher: King Kit

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a staff member or reply to this thread.